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Pharma vials and syringe

The test proposed by ASC Instrument leaves the dye test far behind.

It is :

  • easy to operate

  • fast! (5 - 30 seconds)

  • non-destructive

  • non-ambiguous: Pass or Fail (deterministic, as recommended by FDA) well as more accurate!

Integrity of vials, syringes, ...

Preserving sterility is of utmost importance in pharma.

The traditional integrity test, the dye ingress test, has some serious drawbacks, as it is:

  • cumbersome

  • long (results after 45 min)

  • destructive

  • subject to interpretation (probabilistic)


These aspects are less and less acceptable

to Companies aiming to eliminate waste

and optimise efficiency...

CCIT tester for vials & syringes

ASC 7400F

The ASC 7400F offers excellent ergonomics, with no strain for the operator, with quick and easy loading/unloading.

Correlation with dye testing can be established using calibrated leaks.


Vial test:
Syringe test:
Syringe piston beta bag
Medical device sachet

Integrity of bags, pouches, ...

Flexible containers are widely used as packaging for small items, bulk material, liquids, etc., as well as medical devices e.g. catheters.

The integrity of these containers is of prime importance and needs to be maintained up to the point of use of the products.

The ASC 7400SGV allows checking this integrity, whilst leaving the flexible container and its content perfectly intact.

Its operation is simple (see video below).

The ASC 7400SGV also allows inspection of empty bags, as Quality Control during their production.

Test results are stored with time & date for download, allowing full traceability.

For smaller packaging : more info here.

Betabag with pharma components
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