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These are the areas in which our non-destructive tests allow significant gains.

We will be pleased to use our experience in these fields to the benefit of your projects.


Container integrity in pharmaceutics is paramount for the preservation of product sterility. Integrity tests must be rigorous and reliable, as human lives depend on them. 

Our instruments will detect the smallest of defaults, quickly and allowing full traceability.

ASC Instrument's services also include validation et qualification programs.


​​Packaging in the food industry often must be airtight, to preserve freshness, flavour, and aromas of the product.

The non-destructive integrity test proposed by ASC Instrument guarantees a correctly packaged product, without generating the waste that traditional destructive methods do.

Personal Protection (PPE)

In PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) various levels of integrity may be required.

Integrity against ingress of chemical substances, bacteries, and water are the most current ones. 

Our instruments allow quantification of the level of integrity and guarantee the traceability of the verifications.


The reliability of any vehicle depends to a large extent on the quality of its parts. The various circuits (brakes, cooling, air conditioning, lubrification) consist of numerous parts, each of which must be perfectly leak tight.

Our instruments offer absolute reliability in inspecting these parts for leaks.


​Standards and quality requirements are particularly demanding in the aerospace industry.

Metrology therefore has a prominent place in the manufacturing of parts; rigorous inspections are carried out at several stages of the manufacturing process.

ASC Instrument's know-how in the field of micro-leaks and their detection warrants highly efficient inspection solutions.


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