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Body Armour Integrity Tester

The ASC BAIT allows testing the waterproofness of an essential element of soft body armour: the envelope of the ballistic packs.

The materials inside these packs are designed to stop bullets, but in order to preserve their full capacity to dissipate the energy of an impact, any contact with water must be avoided. A sealed waterproof cover fulfills this function.

Verifying the integrity of this protection is therefore crucial, both in new state and on used body armour, before the equipment is (re-)issued to the operationals.

The ASC BAIT allows this inspection to be carried out in a simple, quick, objective and rigorous way, using our innovative patented test method (see video).

Every single pack can now be tested and issued with 100% certainty.

The measured values are stored with time/date stamp, allowing full traceability of the verification.

A comprehensive Batch Report in pdf or Excel format can be generated, including each individual test result.

A specially prepared Reference Pack (zero leak, to which calibrated leaks can be fitted) allows a quick and easy check of the entire measurement system.

Let our experts advise you on the most suitable version for you.

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