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ASC Instrument was founded to address a need in the industry for a new way of verifying the integrity of packaging.


Every company aims to reduce the impact of their activity on the environment.


At the same time, all seek to make their processes as lean as possible in order to achieve the best Quality at the lowest cost.


The battle against waste leads to a double reward: waste reduction and efficiency gains.

ASC Instrument, Eragny, France

Company base in Eragny, 30 km from Paris, France.

Traditional integrity tests are often destructive, which seems weird: a packaging needs to be destroyed in order to check if it was airtight! A pure waste of product and packaging...

Moreover, in order to monitor the packaging machines closely, these checks are done very frequently, so the waste they generate is considerable. And the world has a lot of packaging lines...

The engineers from ASC Instrument have developed a method to verify packaging integrity that leaves the packaging

perfectly intact.

A method that reduces the testing-related waste to zero ;  tested good products can return to the line.

This development has been awarded an innovation prize by the French Ministry of Research and a patent was granted.

Our mission is to let as many companies as possible benefit from this method.

ASC Instrument is proud to help our Customers every day combat waste and produce as efficiently as possible, whilst ensuring maximum safety of their products.

These are the main areas where we are active : industry sectors .

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