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ASC 7400F5

Ancre 1

Multiple Integrity Tester for vials, syringes, ampoules, cryotubes...

The ASC 7400F5 tests 5 products simultaneously, the ideal solution for testing large quantities in the shortest possible time, leaving products intact.

The instrument is fitted with a 5-cavity product-specific test chamber.

The operator inserts the 5 vials and closes the test chamber. The cycle starts automatically : the programmed test pressure is installed in each of the test cavities, which are subsequently isolated, and the pressure decay is measured in each individual cavity.

This variation allows the exact quantification of the level of integrity.

It is compared to a pre-defined tolerance, and the product is declared


In case of a FAIL result, the Fail product is indicated by a red light on the machine as well as on the screen.

The lid remains locked, and an "Unlock Process" action is required to open the machine and remove the products.

A Batch Report in pdf format can be generated, including all relevant data, such as batch open/close time and date, instrument ID, product ID, program nr and name, test parameters, total #tested, total #PASS, total #FAIL, as well as the detailed test result of each individual vial with time/date stamp.

The report is available via USB port and/or network connector.

A special function allows integral verification of the entire measurement chain at each cycle, certifying each measurement result instantly.

The ASC 7400F5 is suitable for integration in production, with automated loading/unloading, for continuous inspection of production.

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CCIT 5-channel test instrument
ASC 7400F5
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