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Integrity test for large flexible containers

The ASC 7400SGV allows non-destructive integrity testing of large flexible packaging, such as transfer bags, sterile medical components and devices primary and secondary packaging, etc.

The instrument uses our patented method, which actually quantifies the level of tightness, without damaging the packaging or its content.


The product to be tested is placed in a chamber, in which subsequently gradually a vacuum is generated. This will cause the packaging to inflate and make contact with a pressure sensor located in the lid. This sensor measures the pressure inside the packaging.

After isolation of the test chamber, the variation of this internal pressure is measured over a certain time. This variation gives an accurate image of the level of integrity of the envelope.

A Reference Container with Calibrated Leaks is used for qualification, validation, as well as routine process verifications.


We have designed our instruments so they can be adapted to many different products. Our specialists have gained a vast experience in a wide range of applications; they will be pleased to use their know-how to the benefit of your projects.

Feel free to contact us, we will quickly find the optimal solution

for your requirements.


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