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Calibrated leaks

Your essential metrological reference

ASC Instrument is specialised in industrial metrology.

We don't limit ourselves to developing and making excellent integrity test instruments for our customers, we also assist you in implementing these controls.

An essential aspect of any measurement system is the verification of the measurement.

The calibrated leak is the reference that allows doing this in a correct and practical way, both in a lab environment and on a production line.

A calibrated leak is a precision part, calibrated to let through a defined leak flow at a defined pressure, consistently over time.

It can be considered as a calibrated orifice, even though we use various technologies (micro-capillaries, precision drilling (mechanical or laser) and sintered metal powder), depending on the application.

Reference products may be supplied, based on the real parts to be tested, adapted for repeat usage and fitted with a calibrated leak, of a perfectly known value.

With several carefully chosen leak values, as well as a "zero leak" part, it is easy to check the whole measurement chain in a few simple operations.

Calibrated leaks are prepared individually with utmost care in our lab.

Each leak is fitted with a micro-filter in order to protect it from impurities.

A unique serial number is given to each calibrated leak/reference part.

A Calibration Certificate is established, stating the exact measured leak flow, as well as the test pressure used.

Calibrated leaks are provided in a protective box, with their Calibration Certificate.

Our experts will be pleased to advise you on the various possibilities.

Calibrated leak

Calibrated leak, integrated in stainless steel body, fitted on high-grade plug-in connector


Vials equipped with calibrated leaks

Syringes equipped with calibrated leaks, positive controls for CCIT

Syringes fitted with calibrated leaks

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