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Check your packaging quickly and without waste

Even best-in-class packaging processes cannot guarantee zero default.

Regular checks therefore remain necessary in order to avoid the risk of poorly sealed packaging finding their way to your customers.

Destructive tests waste your product and packaging material, causing waste of time and money, and burden your productivity.


Our instruments leave packaging and content perfectly intact, the product can therefore continue its way to the customer.


The test is simple to operate, not subject to operator influence and non-ambiguous: a green or red light clearly indicates Pass or Fail at the end of the test.


The measured values as well as the time and date of the test are stored by the instrument and can be downloaded, allowing perfect traceability.


Flexible or rigid packaging, or a combination, our specialists will advise you the most suitable solution for your case.

You wish to automate this inspection? They will explain the possibilities.


You can also count on us for parameter optimisation, starting up, training, reference packagings, maintenance and calibration, etc.


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ASC 7400S
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