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ASC 7400F

Ancre 1

Integrity test for hard-wall containers : vials, syringes, ampoules, cryotubes...

Vial integrity tester
ASC 7400F

The ASC 7400F range was developed specifically for rigid packaging, such as vials, syringes, cartridges, bottles, etc.

Contrary to CCIT (Container Closure Integrity Test) methods based on dye ingress , the instrument allows accurate quantification of the level of integrity, without affecting the container or its content.


Vacuum decay / pressure decay method

The product to be tested is placed in a test chamber, in which subsequently a vacuum or positive pressure is created, depending on the application.


After isolating the test chamber, the variation of the pressure is measured over a certain time. This variation is an accurate reflection of the level of integrity of the container.

This deterministic integrity test method is recommended by the FDA as a replacement for traditional dye testing.

A specific function was developed, which checks the complete measurement chain and certifies each measurement result instantaneously.


Ergonomics have also particularly been considered, no force is needed from the operator, the instrument provides the clamp load to make sure the test chamber is hermetically sealed.

Loading and unloading is quick and easy. 

Different types and sizes containers may be tested with the same instrument thanks to interchangeable test chambers, offering great flexibility.

The 7400F range allows testing to ASTM F2338-09 and other guidelines.

The ASC 7400F5 version allows simultaneous testing of 5 vials in order to facilitate the inspection of larger quantities.

The instruments can also be integrated in production lines, with automatic loading/unloading, if a continuous "finger on the pulse" is required.


We have designed our instruments so they can be adapted to products with very different characteristics. Our engineers boast a vast experience in varied areas and will be pleased to use this know-how to the benefit of your project.

Feel free to contact us, we will quickly find the solution best suited to your requirements.


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