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Ancre 1

Its features include in particular an automatic check of the measurement chain function, which provides proof, at each cycle, of the conformity of the measurement.

In case this conformity is compromised, the instrument signals this and locks itself, so any risk of letting through a leaking part is avoided.

Leak testing with absolute reliability

The high level of quality that has now become the standard in the automotive industry requires a rigorous inspection of each produced part. The measurement instrument must combine accuracy and speed to be able to be used on automated lines running at high production rates.

The reliability of the measurement is paramount in such a context, as the smallest error may have serious consequences.

The ASC 7500 has been specially developed to meet the requirements of the Automotive industry.

Automotive leak tester
ASC 7500


The innovations developed by ASC Instrument's engineers have led to several patents and have received the support of Oseo Innovations.


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