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ASC 7400XS

Ancre 1

Non-destructive leak test for small flexible packages
(sachets, pouches, stick packs, sealed cups…)

With the ASC 7400XS, sealed packages can be inspected for leaks,

without any damage to package or product.

After passing the test, packages can be returned to the line, avoiding needless scrap.


Capable of detecting leaks in the micron range, the ASC 7400XS allows

early detection of sealing problems, allowing corrective action to be taken before large quantities of incorrectly sealed packages are produced, reducing production losses to a strict minimum.


The instrument uses our patented method, highly efficient for a wide range of packaging.


​The product to be tested is placed in a chamber, in which a vacuum is generated in a controlled way. This will cause the packaging to inflate and contact a sensor located in the lid. This sensor measures the pressure inside the sachet and registers its evolution over a short time.

A variation that exceeds a given tolerance indicates a leak.

A good part will show a pressure decay close to zero.


The ASC 7400XS is suitable for manual operation, but can also perfectly be integrated in automatic test stations for constant monitoring of sealing quality.


Detailed test reports can be generated automatically for full traceability.


Reference packages (leak-free and with calibrated leaks) are used for qualifications, validation and routine checks.


Our application specialists can be relied on to find the ideal parameters for your application, feel free to contact us for more information.

ASC 7400XS
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