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Our comprehensive instrument range offers solutions for a wide range of applications.

Whether your application needs to be tested at a strong vacuum or at high pressure (up to 200 bar), whether you are looking for a lab instrument or one that can be integrated in a production line, our specialists can advise on the most suitable instrument.

In the unlikely case your application needs a specific adaptation, we will explain the possibilities and help you choose the best solution. 


7400XS (cadré étroit, clair).png
ASC 7400XS
Sachet test
CCIT instrument
ASC 7400F
Vial/Syringe test
Leak tester for flexible packagin
ASC 7400S.2
Flexible packaging  test
CCIT 5-Vial leak tester
ASC 7400F5
5-Vial/Syringe test
ASC 7400SGV-1.png
Large flexible container test
Body armour tester
Body Armour test
ASC 7400V3 Leak tester
ASC 7400V3
Leak tester
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