ASC 7500


Leak test by differential pressure decay measurement

The ASC 7500 has been developed for cases where 100 % of the production must be checked.

The accent here is on accuracy, productivity and reliability.

After blocking any orifices, the part to be tested is pressurised. It is isolated from the pressure source and the internal pressure variation is measured over a short period.

A variation that exceeds the tolerance indicates the part is leaking.

This method is suitable for parts with rigid walls.

The pressure variation measurement is called differential, as it is measured relative to a leak free reference part.

This allows micro-variations to be measured with excellent precision, within short cycle times.

Various pressure ranges are available from 10 kPa (0,1bar) to 20 MPa

(200 bar), as well as vacuum versions.

The ASC 7500 is suitable for manual quality control stations, but can also perfectly be integrated in automatic test stations.


Don't hesitate to contact us, we will quickly find the optimal solution for your requirements, including the sealing of the part.

ASC 7500